Puthuppally Church

is one of the oldest and renowned churches of MALANKARA ORTHODOX CHURCH.   The name itself proclaims. The patron saint of this parish is St.GEORGE. Situated by the side of coconut palms and a wide stretch of paddy fields, at a beautiful and serene village called PUTHUPPALLY which is about 8 kms from KOTTAYAM Town, this church is the refuge of thousands of people all over the world who seek the intercession of St.George. The present church was consecrated about 400 years ago by the Malankara Metropolitan Mar Dianasiyous. It is believed that this church was established as a shrine of Changanacherry Pally which is turn was a shrine of Niranam pally. One of the ” Ezhara Pallis ” consecrated by St.THOMAS. Theapostle of India.

This Church is famous for the powerful intercession of the patron saint, St.George and many people is believed to have received favours from GOD ALMIGHTY due to his intercession. It is firmly believed that SAHADA (saint) protects those who take refuge, from serpents, ailments, and all kinds of dangers and troubles.

The Church is famous for its rich traditions as well as wealth. The main MADBAHA (sanctum sanctorum) is a treat for your (sanctorum) eyes, with its beautiful wall paintings and ornamental decorations. The main Madbaha (Thronose) is in the name of St.George. While the other two Thronose on the left and right are in the names of St.Mary and St.Behanan. The unique Golden Cross weighting around 450 sovereigns is a proud possession of the church and is kept under lock and key during most of the year and is taken out only once in a year, that is during the perunnal and placed in the main Thronose for veneration by the devotees.

This is one of the strong parishes of Malankara Church and has raised many a great personalities. Two names which deserve special mention are Metropolitans PARET MATHEWS MAR IVANIOSE and NIRAIMATTATHIL YUHANON MAR SEVARIOS. Paret Mar Ivaniose was Vicar of the parish for quite a long time while he was a priest and later served the Orthodox Church as a Metropolitan. He was the senior most Metropolitan who presided over the Synod which enthroned the fifth CATHOLICOSE of Malankara in 1975. He was a staunch advocate of Catholicate. Which is the mark and symbol of independence and autonomy of Malankara Church. He defended successfully all attacks against its independence and autonomy. Mar Severiose long served the Malankara Church. As Malpan while he was a priest and later served as metropolitan of Cochin Diocese till his death in 1988.

As stated elsewhere the church is famous for its traditions. The “PUTHUPPALLY PERUNNAL” , annual feast of the patron saint, St.George is celebrated on 23rd and 24th of Medam Malayalam Era which usually falls on 7th or 8th of may. It is attended by hundred thousands of devotees belonging to various religions, a fine example of communal and religious harmony among people of this area.